30 Marzo 2018


Commander EVO controllers meet the irrigation needs of the most demanding crops for farms of any size. The Commander EVO controllers combine the management of pH and EC with a more professional management of irrigation cycles. What is more, they are equipped with radio remote control to be managed by a software program accessible via the Internet.
Commander EVO® Basic | Commander EVO® Plus | Commander EVO® Gold
30 Marzo 2018

Automatic injection systems

IRRITEC® fertigation systems combine practicality and reliability with a modern injection system of nutrient solutions. The management of the fertilizer is regulated by simple fertigation recipes that can be set according to the agronomical/nutritional needs of the crops.
Shaker Set® | Shaker Pro™ | DosaPro® | DosaBox® | DosaBox® Junior | DosaBox® Junior automatico | Ferticlick®